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Dec. 27th, 2010

WOWOW 2011 ????

Ok I notice that i am sporadic..cant really help it so much goes on, and i had a hard time focusing...anyways end of the year updates...i'm still broke (no surprise here) but i'm still going i had a job, now i dont, got hired at a new job, dont start till the new year, and still looking for a job to support me.....I have a puppy **claps** her name is a Mystery, ans sh is a real bitch, but i love her moody azz.. I am definitely moving 2011 no matter what even if i am homeless in WASHINGTON, I will get there to say the least.. i'm doing well in school (over now). I took figure drawing this semester, and it was my last class with my favorite teacher. I finally made up my mind in what i want to do, and will follow through... i got a bomb azz GPA ***Woot*** hopefully get some scholarships this time around. I worked hard for it. my main focus for 2011 is to get the hell outta this damn desert. i will work my very hardest to do that. I hope all my friends had a good year, and a happy holiday.. Kerri if you read this... I will be mailing your stuff Tuesday hopefully

Jun. 5th, 2010

WOWOW 2010

Yo Yo yo....lol yo..well this been so long since i have checked you know i forgot my damn user-name...(FAIL) on my part for sure but he he i figured it out thanks goodness. you guys don't know how much history is on this site fore...like stuff that spans back to High school..for awhile i was on other blogs, but i have always been found of LJ over others. right now I'm starting my first ***professional** blog, its more for current events and technology type things, and to better promote my work.. i was using blogger, but then i got tired of it, and now i'm on wordpress...I like wordpress better so I'm thinking of deactivating that account... i also used to use Xanga....eyevay I have not been on their forever, adn i really think I forgot my username..actually I think I slightly remember it...if i do I'm gonnna go on reconnaissance and retrieve some entries and give them a Perm home on Lj where they should be, anyways in other news I'm out for the summer *Claps* and as always looking for employment, since the Gov has has basically toppled EUC benefits, and Tiers...**sad face** but since I'm creative while looking for work i plan on doing ome home type work see if i can get paid.. thats the nice thing about creativity (someone will buy it) but I'm not gonna give up on Jobs yet, and In other news I'm Done with CSN (school credit wise), and i put in for transfer to a school out of state... have not told the folks yet, cause its a bit of a surprise...keep you fingers crossed

Nov. 19th, 2009

I Have been missing

well i know I'm long over due with a post but anyways, everything is going quite good fro the most part. I have another month of school still before break start, and man am i happy about that, cause I'm ready fro vacation. although this semester has gone by incredibly fast like whoa, soon i will be done with my AA ^__^ so that's very exciting, and scary all in one. but in all I'm happy i have to be things have been getting better, now all i have t do is stop procrastinating, and where all good right? (lol)
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Sep. 16th, 2009

Missing...but in the moment

I know its been a min since i hav been on here.. updates: Im in school i a have another semester before im done. i still have not chosen a school i would like to transfer to yet...and im sorta feel a bit burned out, and its ridiculous the price of books these days :( i just hope i have enough in me to keep going

Aug. 1st, 2009

Can You b Trusted?

I have come to realize some people look suspicious and can not be trusted...im in a some what new friend ship so far its ok but theirs something underlying than just doesn't seem right for instance, i have been working with some people, people that i have met through this new friend, so far it is ok but her behavior is a problem. for one i never got a call on both weekends when shooting was to be taken place i had to call her. this weekend again i had to call, and this call informs me there will b (revamping)on the entire film what ever that means.... wtf.. I'm getting to the point where im ready to say fuck it and have them find someone else..but i have spent money preparing all i want is answers and the truth, cause right now all i smell is lies.

Jul. 8th, 2009

just cause i feel like it

ok soo summer school is almost over... awwwzzzzz yeah but its cool im looking forward to another break..i'm tire of getting up at 8am everyday...my schedule is equivalent to 8rh work week..yeah but one of the main reason ti wanted to write was to say that i found KICK AZZ BOOTZ ON SALE FOR $12.99 how can one not be excited about that oh and pants. hottopic has finally changed there look around online...and there's if a bunch of shizzznets on sale to bad i dont have more money but that might change soon so we shall see oh and filming starts this weekend (^_^) and i have all my new pallets and brushes to bad my new shit wont be here but hey whateva lol

Jun. 30th, 2009

Things right now

well beside practically going broke...im pretty good right now i'm going to working on an independent film (^_^) which is exciting summer lasses are goin good. i'm supposed to be drawing right now, but i'm not so what ever this weekend im going to see transformers 2 yay...the reviews for the movie seem to be neutral but what ever still action packed and thats what i want right now..ehhh i dunno if i will ever be used to drawing with charcoal so damn messy...***dirty fingernails** ewwww anyways that about it everything seems to be going good with Kerri and Rob...which is very nice hopefully things get better i know the will i' just to paranoid

May. 30th, 2009


why does life offer so many options???? its like its trying to kill you..like daggers stabbing u in the chest while saying "make up your effing mind" and i can't no matter what i think i want or choose which option there's always another route...another door waiting to be opened. its like being in a room with nothing but doors yellin "open me...no open me...no u really wanna open me I'm better" mean while I'm yelling at the top of my lungs "SHUT THE FUCK UP ALL OF U BEFORE I BURN THIS FUCKER DOWN"part of me want to go back to cali...another part is like no stay here its cheaper it will only be two years, but i'm really like fuck that fuck vegas and all its desert and and shitty weather, and fucked upness that i can't even form together cause my mind is so damn busy trying to figure out whats for dinner while typing this damn blog about how my dumb ass at 22 does not know what the fuck she's doin with her life even though i have a plan but I'm all like is this shit really fuckin working or what??????? this goes to prove at 22 years old...i dunno fuckin KNOW!!!!!

May. 17th, 2009


well im doing an update...schoooooollllsss out for summer (lol) yay

Apr. 18th, 2009


ok well i knoooooowwwwww ive been gone for like awhile...long one..i dunno i forget to talk..life so far has seemed somewhat boring...uhhh school is like almost terrible...im like totally sucking in Spanish..i seriously need to pass the next two test or im in trouble..i should have passed the last damn one..im and i need to quite slaking in math..but i hate math sooo friggin much its hard for me to stay focused cause its just so boring..im like passing two outta 4 classes...I NEED to get it together theres like only 4wks left into the semester...I NEED A PLAN >___< i did my first youtube vid yays ^___^

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